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Q: What type of Mulcher do you use?

A: On most all jobs, we use FAE rotor style drums.  We have owned and operated all of the major brands and we have found the pump motor systems in these heads to be far superior than any other.  One reason is the head itself houses what they call a variable speed pump motor in which the head can shift several times during a cut.  This allows the head to run at its maximum horse power at all times as well as limits stalls and greatly increases recovery time.  This system acts like an automatic transmission in a vehicle as it shifts to lower gears to add power.  This set up is much better then the older double stage and single stage pump motor setups you find in other brands.  The head also has a front door system which allows the operator to control the volume of exiting mulch which again increases production rates.

Q: What type of machines do you use?

A: On most all jobs, we used a Cat 299D2 XPH with the Land Management packages added.  This allows us to push over 40 GPM.  The machines themselves are rated in the 110 -112HP range.  We have discovered that setup and matching of the machine and mulcher heads are as critical as the machine itself.  If the head is not calibrated to the exact pressures of the machine then the production will decrease.  All of our machines and heads are professionally and properly set up.  We have also discovered that weight distribution is another critical factor.  We have our machines weight balanced perfectly with the mulchers we are running.  

Q: How big of a tree can you process?

A: These mulchers will process any size tree. However, there is a pendulum of tree size and value of cost to mulch that tree size. At some point, the cost to mulch a large tree will cost more than a simple chain saw or another method.  We like to tell people that anything under 8-10 inch and down diameter trees measure and diameter breast height is where we can stay highly productive.  Of course, all soft woods like pines and cedars are exceptions and are processed at a fast rate at any size.

Q: How do you charge?

A: We have the ability to charge by the hour, day or job.

Q: How much can you clear in a day?

A: This is a loaded question.  So much depends on tree size, species, soil type, trees per acre, terrain and other factors that it makes this question impossible to answer.  In really dense areas, we never complain if we average 1.5 to 2 acres a day.  In pastor reclaiming sites, then we like to see out production rates increase to 3 -7 acres a day.  We have done more and we have done less.  The truth is that we don't even know what our production rates will be until we actually get on the site and start mulching.  We will never tell you that we can clear more acres that we can in attempt to just get our equipment on your land as so many do.  We been in business long enough that we can give a pretty good idea but we still like to provide worse case time frames first and then set a goal to beat those predictions and save the customer even more money.

Q: How many machines will you bring to the job site?

A: We have the ability to bring as many as three machines and mulchers to the job if it is large enough.  In most cases, one to two machines are all that is needed to complete the job.

Q: What if I have rocks on my property?

A:  We use a Double Carbide Tooth set up on all jobs with rocks.  This allows us to remain productive in rocky areas.  If the site is extremely rocky, then we may recommend another treatment.

Q: Do you have a minimum and do you give free estimates?

A: We do give free estimates.  A degreed specialist will met with you on your property and discuss all options for your particular project .  We have a one day (8hr) minimum on most jobs.  We lower the minimum if we have jobs we can pair yours with in the same area.

Q: If I hire you to clear my property by the hour then who keeps the time?

A:  Its always a good practice for you to keep time however, our machine is capable of using a feature called the "Job Clock".  This feature allows us to track the actual time that the machine is working on your property.  We also have the ability to take screen shots of the main display screen which will give us the start time, current hours and date. These advanced features allow us to inform you where the hours are at any given time.  We feel that one on the most important aspects to working for you is earning a high level of trust from you.  We always go the extra mile when needed to complete a project.  We treat every project as if it was our own.

Q: What if I want to leave my mature trees and can you help with determining which trees need to stay.

A: Yes.  We are degreed specialist in land management.  Every job gets a free Forestry Consultation from a professional.   We are the EXPERTS in this field. We will have the ability to identify and selectively harvest the unwanted trees and brush.   This in return will provide the much needed nutrients and water to the non targeted (save) trees which will allow them to flourish.

Q: I would like to build some ATV trails and roads on my property. Do you do this kind of work?

A: Yes, we actually do a lot of this work.  We also do boundary work and other forms of GPS guided work.  We can help you map out your trails and use GPS technology to clear the roads selected.   

Q: What are the cost compared to a Dozer to clear my land?

A:  The right sized Forestry Mulcher in the hands of the right operator can become much, much, much, more effective than a dozer.  Some Dozers charge little by the hour but simply can not keep up with the production of a forestry mulcher along with the other benefits it provides.  Googling land clearing with traditional (Dozers) methods you will quickly see the cost of 2000-6000 per acre.  We are able to clear and completely process at a fraction of this cost as well as leave the property in its healthiest state.  We have actually done several jobs in which the landowner themselves owned  dozers on site.  We have always asked why they wanted us to do it and they always say that they can not clear the amount of land that we can and it saves them more money in the long term.  

• Land clearing

• Food plots

• Survey

• Fence line clearing

• Brush clearing

• Pasture renovation

• Right-of-ways

• Tree removal

• Stump grinding

• Storm cleanup

• Wildlife management plans

• Wildlife habitat evaluations

• Biofuel reductions

• Basal area reductions

• Invasive species reductions

•  Habitat improvement plans


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